Tool Shop / Project Preparation

Project Preparation

At the beginning of a new project, the Project Management Team takes over project planning and coordination with the Mold Design Team. At first, a project analysis is carried out to identify and check all critical factors concerning the production process and the technical features of the product. After that, based on the gained data and insights, a detailed DFM file (Design for Manufacturability) is prepared in order to explain the design approach and to clarify open questions, to point out potential weaknesses and to discuss suggestions for optimization.

It is our target to achieve a perfect result through very thorough preparation!

ZMT offers these services separately, too:

  • Project planning and exact scheduling
  • Project analysis
  • DFM: mold design, mold flow …
  • Mold design

Once all points regarding a new project are clarified by the help of our DFM and the mold design is completed, our tool shop will start working.